They say that you return to where you were happy.

LOOP Experience is much more than a family owned electric bike rental shop, we are all about tailored experiences from beginning to end. Located in Jobos Beach in Isabela, LOOP is a new way to explore Puerto Rico’s beauty. Founded with a passion for promoting sustainable mobility and conscious tourism, our team, high-quality bikes and available trails will make your experience all the worth. Whether you’re on vacation or visiting from San Juan, your new eco-friendly tourism option on the island’s west side will take you beach hoping to the most iconic shores, sightseeing Isabela’s unforgettable landscape and discovering the fauna and flora around.


LOOP Experience

Whether for the landscape, the memories or simply the experiences,
It all adds up to end up making a big difference.


Enjoy Puerto Rico

Because if we are clear about one thing, it is that
PR beauty is not found everywhere


"And only those daring adventurers will know that to Isabela they will always want to come back."