1.-OBJECT: By means of this Contract THE LESSOR, delivers as a lease to THE LESSEE the bicycle identified above (hereinafter the “Bicycle”) and the safety equipment and/or accessories (hereinafter the “equipment”). ), which THE LESSEE declares to have received in accordance. The specifications of the electric bicycle and the equipment are listed in the table above. 

2.-DURATION: This lease will have the duration determined in the table above. Once this term has been fulfilled, THE LESSEE must deliver the electric bicycle and the equipment, in the same conditions in which it was delivered by THE LESSOR. 

3.- DELIVERY STATUS: The electric bicycle and the equipment are delivered in perfect working order, and its safety conditions and accessories are in perfect condition, please inspect before the tour. 

4.-DESTINATION: THE LESSEE will use the vehicle to transport people as a tour, sublet and/or allow third parties to use it or change the destination of their lease. 

5.-DECLARATION: THE LESSEE declares to be in perfect health, to be able to handle a bicycle and to have the necessary control of the aforementioned equipment. Likewise, THE LESSEE undertakes to take good care and take all necessary precautions to protect the Bicycles and rented equipment from damage, loss or theft. 

6.-RELEASE OF LIABILITY: While the electric bicycle is in the possession of THE LESSEE, he or she will be responsible for: 

  1. a) For damages caused by the electric bicycle to third parties during the time it is in his possession;
  2. b) For damages caused by the Bicycle to goods or people transported in it during the time that the vehicle is in its possession; and
  3. c) For all violations of the Traffic and Transportation Code that are discussed during the time the vehicle is in his possession. Paragraph. Due to the events that occur in this section or any that may arise from the use of the electric bicycle by THE LESSEE, the latter is obliged to keep THE LESSOR harmless and consequently EXEMPTS THE LESSOR FROM LIABILITY, and the LESSOR may call it as a guarantee in the event. of being sued.

7.- RESTITUTION: The return of the electric bicycle and the rented equipment will be made in the same state in which they were received, at the place or establishment indicated in the table. In this way, THE LESSEE will be liable for any damage caused to the electric bicycle and the equipment delivered with it, authorizing THE LESSOR to deduct the repair or replacement value from the sum that was delivered as a deposit. In the event that the value of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the remaining value will be assumed by THE LESSEE. 

8.- DEPOSIT: THE LESSEE will make a deposit for the value listed in the table, in order to cover any damage that may eventually be caused to the Bicycle and/or the rented equipment. If none of these events occur, the total value of the deposit will be returned, in its entirety, at the time of return of the bicycle. 

9.-PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: The parties undertake to ensure that the personal data to which they have access under this Contract will be treated in accordance with the provisions of their regulatory decree and in particular undertake to comply with the obligations that are established in said regulation in relation to those data that in the execution of the contract may be considered of a nature other than public, that is, those that would require prior authorization from the owner of the data to be used and transferred. The person responsible and/or in charge will be liable for any damages caused to the authorized person or to the owners of the data due to the improper processing of personal data. THE LESSEE authorizes THE LESSOR to send by email information related to this contract, with THE LESSOR's portfolio of services, as well as with requirements related to the goods that were rented. 

10- It is rented to people over 21 years of age, the minimum age to ride an electric bicycle is 10 years and the father, mother or legal guardian will authorize its use and will be responsible for ensuring the well-being of the minor in their care, over the age of 18 years old will be able to ride E-bikes alone as long as they present valid and current identification with the use of a credit card or father, mother is responsible for the cost and deposit of the same. They will only be able to travel exclusively through the line taking due precautions. Use outside the designated cycling area is not permitted. At no time will you be able to travel on streets, sand, beaches, weeds, potholes and wet roads. 


11.- If due to inclement weather the tour cannot be given, a credit will be given for a future occasion; no refunds will be made once the tour has started. 

  1. During the route you will encounter passersby, they will have the right of way at all times, you must always be to the right of the route, use the horn, bell or voice to indicate that you are going to pass on the side in a safe manner. Any type of racing, haggling or competition is strictly prohibited during the tour.

12.- You will have 15 minutes after the deadline to deliver your bicycle, after 15 minutes there will be a charge for the amount of the first hour in no installments. 

13.- It is prohibited to drink intoxicating beverages during the tour. You will not be able to carry any article, jar, container, or glass bottle during the tour. The user must wear appropriate footwear for the tour at all times. It is important to stay hydrated at all times, bottled water, juices or fruits are recommended. 

14.- LOOP & GO LLC and its employees will give you a talk on the correct use of the electric bicycle, safety (the use of brakes, speed changes to be used during the ride). You will be indicated the limits to travel from Playa Jobos to Villa Pesquera. If you suffer from any medical condition (pregnancy, heart disease or other physical condition that does not allow you to use the electric bicycles, it will not be rented to you at any time for your well-being. If you do not report any condition, LOOP & GO LLC and its employees They will not be responsible for its use. If there is any mishap, contact (787) 438-5667 or if an emergency occurs, call (911), your safety and well-being comes first. 

15.- LESSOR ADDRESS: THE LESSOR is domiciled in the municipality of ISABELA, at the address [CARR 466 KM 5.0 BO. SHALLS SEC. PLAYA JOBOS, ISABELA, PR 00687 can be contacted at telephone numbers [787-438-5667], and at the email address [[email protected]]. 

16.- The government of Puerto Rico, Municipalities and agencies are exempt from all responsibility for the use of electric bicycles from any responsibility in the use of roads, highways, sidewalks or other government property. 

17.-LOOP & GO LLC is not responsible for lost items before, during and after the tour. Within the facilities or on LOOP & GO LLC premises. 

18.- Your identification will be retained while you use and enjoy the electric bicycle rental without exception. 

19.- At LOOP & GO LLC we want your tour to be enjoyable, fun and safe.